Thursday, December 17, 2020

Let Us Behold the Lamb!


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In a grassy field in Bethlehem

a rugged old shepherd

tenderly smooths the wooly coat

of a pregnant ewe, as she bleats in labor

almost ready to deliver her offspring


He’s been through this many times—

Patiently, the shepherd remains with her

prepared to assist as she gives birth


Immediately following the delivery, he wisely wipes,

the membrane away from the lamb’s face

so it can breathe, while the mother

instinctively licks it all over with her tongue

In a few minutes, it rises on wobbly legs

and manages a few shaky steps


Then the shepherd picks it up

and carefully examines

every limb and joint and crevice

Finding no blemish

he wraps strips of swaddling cloth

around its delicate little hooves

to protect them from splintering or cracking


He’ll raise this spotless little lamb

with utmost care—


and present it to the Levitical priests

designated for sacrifice

upon the altar at the Temple in Jerusalem


as an atonement for sin



The old shepherd

warms himself by the fire

with the younger men

when suddenly the sky is alight

with angels singing praises to God

and announcing with joy

the birth of Yeshua (Jesus), Savior of the World


Filled with great jubilation

the shepherds set off

with their flock, to honor Him

They don’t have far to travel


In a lowly stable outside an inn

they find the Babe

with His mother, Miriam (Mary)

and her husband, Yosef (Joseph)


Baby Yeshua is without blemish

swaddled and sleeping, in a make-shift cradle

that is actually a feeding trough for animals


Years go by

and in the fullness of time

the Man, Yeshua, presents Himself

to Yochanan (John), the Baptizer

on the shore of the Jordan River


As He approaches

Yochanan proclaims to all who will listen


Behold, the Lamb of God

who takes away the sin of the world![1]


A few years later

Yeshua, Son of God, the spotless Lamb

does exactly that, once and for all—


at the Cross


Maude Carolan Pych


[1]John 1:29 NASB

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