Wednesday, December 30, 2020

My New Year's Resolution

 I re-read the Holy Bible in 2020. This time I took notes on every chapter. It was one of my most enlightening reads and it guided me through the pandemic in both faith and understanding. I'm all set to begin in Genesis and read through to Revelation again in 2021. Want to join me?

Happy New Year, Everyone...



     Among my most meaningful things to do

     while reading the Holy Scriptures through

     is write Messiah's name in the margin

     of the Old Testament, where'er I find Him.

     Of course, I do not find Jesus' name,

     but I certainly find Him, just the same.


     I find Him in the Lamb and the Lion,

     foreshadows of the Temple in Zion,

     find Him in Joshua, David, Passover,

     in the Song, the whale, cover to cover.

     I've thumbed through pages and jotted a few

     Messianic treasures to share with you:


     Messiah's birth was foretold in Micah, five;

     seven centuries later, Jesus arrived;

     Virgin birth proclaimed, Isaiah seven,

     a Son would be fathered by God in Heaven.

     Kings would bow down to Him and nations serve,

     Solomon's Psalm Seventy-two observed.


     He'd be pierced and mourned, said Zechariah;

     Our Redeemer, fifty-three, Isaiah,

     this foretold of resurrection glory!

     Genesis to Revelation, God's great story!

     The Word reveals a magnificent plan

     in this tome of Our Savior, God and Man.


                        We’re all glad to see Twenty Twenty go

                        The virus has battered us, blow by blow!

                        The election and strong civil unrest

                        have put every one of us to the test.


                        We hope for God’s favor in the new year

                        for vaccines to eradicate our fear

                        to discard our masks and to hug and touch

                        to return to the lives we’ve missed so much!


                        It’s about to turn Twenty Twenty-one

                        My resolution list’s completely done—

                        At the top, before the new year’s over

                        I’ll re-read my Bible, cover to cover!


                        It’ll teach everything I need to know

                        while God’s love and grace and mercy flow.

                        Praise God, my Father and Jesus, my Friend

                        as I read each page, beginning to end!


Maude Carolan Pych

Revised for 2021

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