Sunday, March 19, 2023

Mary, Following the Crucifixion


Until Resurrection Day

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On reading my poem, “The Pieta,” on Good Friday


I find an image on the internet

and download it to use with a poem

I’m planning to post on my blog today

It’s Good Friday


The picture is

a heart-wrenching depiction

of Mary embracing the dead body

of her Son, just taken down

from the Cross


It pairs well

with my poem, “The Pieta”


As usual, I re-read the words

before posting

to check if anything

needs to be changed


I read about Mary removing

the crown of thorns

from Jesus’ head

and bits of thorn needles

still stuck in His lifeless flesh


I read of her weeping

and speaking to Him

and kissing His still-warm face


and as I read

tears well in my own eyes

and begin trickling down my face


I’m a mother, too—

I have a son


With immense sorrow

I imagine how it must have been

for the mother of Our Savior

that Good Friday afternoon


her most agonizing

moment in time


Maude Carolan Pych

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