Tuesday, March 20, 2018

About Mary of Magdala...

Until Resurrection Day

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Mary of Magdala was privileged—
Like the disciples, she was among the few
who spent time with Jesus, followed Him
considered Him Teacher and Friend
She called Him, Rabboni

Mary had lived in darkness with demons
Jesus rid her of their terror
drew her into the Light
and she was grateful
She and the brethren experienced
the wonder of unconditional love
from He, Who personified it, perfectly

No doubt Mary was there
when Jesus spoke of things
the multitudes yearned to know
like living the beatitudes
like eternity, death and resurrection
like the prophetic sign of Jonah

Still, neither she nor the disciples
had a clear understanding
of cosmic events that were about to unfold

Then suddenly everything whirled
out of their control
Palm branch homage
hosannas and hallelujahs
quickly turned to betrayal
abduction and a mockery of a trial

There were thunderous shouts of

Crucify Him! Crucify Him!

It was no longer safe
on the streets of Jerusalem
for His followers. They became fearful
Some went into hiding

Then, Jesus was Crucified—

The earth quaked
and the sky went dark

Mary rent her garments and wailed
Full of sorrow, what could she do
except go early the day after the Sabbath
to anoint His dead body

but when she arrived at the tomb
It was empty and His body was gone
Angels were there
Angels, who spoke of resurrection

Mary was weeping, utterly bewildered
She couldn’t grasp resurrection—
All she could wonder was
Where was her teacher’s body?
Who took His body away?

Suddenly, Rabboni appeared to her
He called her, tenderly by name, but
she couldn’t comprehend
that Him standing there, speaking to her
could possibly be true—
He was dead. Wasn’t He?

Mary was struggling to fathom
that the greatest knowledge
ever to befall anyone, anytime, anywhere
befell upon her at that amazing moment

This wasn’t a time for weeping—
This was time for rejoicing!

She extended her hand to touch Him—
He was Alive! Breathing!
Warm! With flesh and bones—
Indeed, He had risen from the grave!

Jesus told her to tell His disciples
so Mary quickly hurried off, proclaiming

I have seen the Lord!

Oh! It was starting to sink in—

The sin of the world was atoned for
by Jesus’ death on the Cross
and by His glorious Resurrection
He became the Firstfruit
of Life Forevermore!

Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!

Maude Carolan Pych

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