Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Mary of Bethany

Until Resurrection Day

Image credit: Preachers Institute


Lord, I’ve come to curl up
close to Your sandals
like Mary of Bethany
my ears primed
to absorb each word You speak
I’ve tuned out concerns
that would pull me
from this footstool
and will not be bothered
by deeds or distractions
that would drown Your voice
If Martha insists
on doing busy-work
she must do it alone
for nothing is more important to me
than sitting right here
right now, with You

and I will wail
at Your sacred feet
like Mary of Bethany
when my strength falters –
I shall wrap my quivering arms
around Your sturdy ankles
allow my tears to run in rivulets
down Your dusty feet –
stir You to weep, too
till resurrection happens

but especially, Lord
I long to anoint Your precious feet
like Mary of Bethany
and come with all that I have
as she, bearing nard
for I, too, yearn to soothe
with pure, lavish fragrance
the calloused heels and soles
toes and arches
I, too, know well –
the very feet that carried Good News
to my ears and heart –
beautiful feet, bleeding feet
pierced through for me

I shall unpin my hair, humbly
like Mary of Bethany
take Your dust
as diamonds, upon me
I desire to be, unto you, Lord
a sweet aroma

and if I be scolded, as was she
by one who couldn’t possibly understand
so be it
so be it

Maude Carolan Pych

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