Friday, March 9, 2018

HOLY FACE...The Shroud of Turin

Until Resurrection Day

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When I look upon Your Visage
and pierced, bruised Body
imprinted upon the winding sheet,
and contemplate
wounds You bore for me,
it causes me to quiver
with reverence and awe.
After two millennia
I witness Your Passion
mapped out
on a white linen proof-sheet.

Controversy has abounded
about the authenticity
of this ancient Shroud of Turin;
I leave it to greater minds
than mine to ponder.
As for me,
in my spirit, I know,
it is You, my Lord.

Amazing. I can look
upon the negative
that’s positive
and actually, see Your Face,
Your beautiful Holy Face,
suspended from Its Divine Agony
and interlude with death
when Your Majestic Imprint
burst upon the burial cloth.
Death sprang to Life
in that timeless flash-moment
of Resurrection. Glorious!

Lord, I see Strength,
unimaginable Endurance,
but even more, Peace
and the Countenance
of Unsurpassed Love.

Others may debate carbon dating.
Let them scrutinize and snip,
analyze in test tubes,
on smeared slides under microscopes,
and beneath glaring, blaring lights
until Your Second Coming!

As for me,
when I gaze into the negative
that’s positive
burnished miraculously
into that Holy Shroud
at the Climax of all time,
I accept with simple faith,
it is You, my Lord.

Maude Carolan