Monday, March 12, 2018


Until Resurrection Day

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It’s Good Friday
and I’m doing what I usually do—
meditating on the Cross
and then writing a poem

Today I am thinking about forgiveness
and unforgiveness
thinking one of the things
that makes me marvel about Jesus
is that He looked down
upon the very men who mocked Him
the ones who scourged Him
who spat in His innocent face
then crowned Him with a twisted ring of thorns
and drove nails through His hands and feet

Yes, He looked at them
with unfathomable mercy
in His unspeakable agony
and implored His Father

…forgive them
for they know not what they do

Then I think of myself
of injustices done to me
by people I’ve loved
people I’ve tried to forgive
and have forgiven
then taken back my forgiveness
over and over and over again
I’ve mulled over life’s unfairness
replayed injustices, feeling righteous
feeling justified

then am reminded (like today)
that all have sinned
so I let go and forgive again
and really want to
for God has forgiven me
so who am I
to remember puny injustices
against myself

Today, Jesus, as I meditate upon Your love
and the magnitude of Your sacrifice
my old wounds are infinitesimal
I don’t want to harbor them

I’m asking for Your help
this Good Friday afternoon

Help me let it all go—


Maude Carolan Pych