Thursday, March 1, 2018

What is Truth?

I'm back from a fabulous week in beautiful Aruba
celebrating my brother Frank's birthday,
ready to resume...

Until Resurrection Day

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John 18:38

I first learned
the importance of truth
at my mother’s knee
My children
learned it at mine

Life has taught me
truth is truth, even
if no one believes it
if no one wants to believe it
if every man is a liar

What’s true is true, even
if millions are spent
to disprove it
if it’s argued against
lobbied against
debated against
railed against
voted against
legislated against

Truth Is


even if it’s watered down
to make it acceptable
skirted around
to soften its appeal                        
lubed with oil
so it goes down
nice and easy
sugar coated
to make it palatable

even if it looks
soooo, soooo good

Truth is Truth
whether it’s popular
or unpopular

in the face
of persecution

Pilate asked,
What is truth?

The Psalmist wrote,
The sum of God’s word
is truth

Jesus said,
I Am the Truth

He also said,
Everyone on the side
of truth
listens to Me

I believe the supreme
Truth is a Man
and His unchanging Word

…even though           
He be crucified

Salvation Truth
Resurrection Truth                                                                                           
Living Truth

I can stand up for

Maude Carolan Pych


  1. I love this, Maude! Oh, that this generation would love truth and seek it out.

  2. Even the Pharisees and Sadducees in the time of Jesus, blinded themselves to the Truth. I'm so glad that we know Jesus, Barbara, and that we're seekers of the Truth.